Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cook with Ken - A Simple Meal

Date:  July 17, 2011


It's a nice day, and just now went to Fireflies Organic farm saw these two interesting sauces, bought it, and let's cook tonight.  It is Red Yeast thick sauce and Red Yeast sauce.  Red Yeast is a chinese remedy for lower cholesterol.


Tonight's menu is "Egg Omlette, Curry Fish Head and a Fried Vegetable"...

1.  Egg Fu Yong

Here are the ingredients... 4 eggs, put some of the red yeast sauce in it, and beat it.  Soak some dried shrimp with hot water, later, take it out to squeeze dry it, and then dice it.


Have some long green bean (长豆) and dice it too.  Lastly, chop some onions.


It is one of the most easy dish.  You can actually put anything you like into it.  Put some olive oil into the hot pan, and then fried the onion, followed by the dried shrimp, as well as the long green bean.  Put the egg in, when it is almost cook, turn over the egg.  Until it is fully cook (not too overly cook thou).  And there you have it...



2.  Stir Fried Vegetables

Prepare some seafood bean skin.  Leave the half for the fish head curry.  Prepare and cut some Tau Kwa into cubes.


Also soak some dried shrimps and then dice it.  Dice some garlic.  And then, prepare some Red Yeast Thick sauce and some basil leaves.  If you do not have Red Yeast Thick sauce, just replace it with oysters sauce or abalone sauce and then finishing with a teaspoon of Chinese cooking wine.


Heat the wok, put in olive oil after the wok is heated.  Let the oil come to boil, and then stir fried the garlic into golden color, then, put in all the ingredients inside... and stir fried it...


Put in some basils... and continue stir fried it... Lastly, put in the vege... stir it for 1 min, and then put the cover to simmer it for 1min.  That's it.  don't overcook, leave a bit crunchy in the vege...


This is the Red Yeast Stir Fried Vege... the red yeast smell really good...



3.  Curry Fish Head

The last dish also easy to cook.  Some onions, tomatos, lady fingers, basil...


Some seafood bean skin, fish head and some egg plants...  I uses some Atlantic Salmon fish head, and then the rest are the Ngo-Hu (Sesami Fish in Chinese direct translation) fish head too... Some times if you can have Tuna fish head also can.  Usually, I will use a few.  And I also throw in some fresh fish maw.  :)  Can you see the really red meat of the Atlantic Salmon... Not sure it taste good or not...


Of course, I just simply pick up some Fish Curry Paste, such as this one.  Then, you heat up your clay pot.  Put some olive oil, put in onion to stir fry for 1-2 min.  The, put in all the ingredient except the fish head and the curry paste.  Stir fry everything for 3-4 minutes.


Then, you put in the curry paste.  Continue stir fry for another 1-2 min.  Until the curry smell are all out.  Don't over cook the curry here.  Then, put in 400ml-600ml of water into the pot.  Bring it to boil.


Home cooking is always very exciting, as you can decide yourself how many fish head you want to put in.  I placed it 4-5 fish head into the pot, so that I can make the curry super sweet and tasty.  That inclusive of a fresh fish maw.  :)


Turn into medium and small fire, so that you can simmer the fish curry for about 10 minutes.  All the fish should be fully cooked, and then, here, this is where you going to do magic...

1.  See if you need more salt?  Put in if needed.

2.  See if it is tasty, not tasty, put in a little bit of sugar.  (sometimes fish not fresh, not sweet).  Or you can put in some abalone sauce too if you look.

3.  See if it is too watery.  If yes, mix some starch water, and dump it in.  Usually, I will grind some water chestnut, but since I forgot to put, so, will use starch in it.

That should fix the curry.  :)


And there you go... 简简单单又一餐.  By the way, you only need 30-40min to cook all three dishes.  Preparations need some time thou... you now.. cut cut cut, dice dice dice, etc.


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