Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kenneth's Kon Loh Mee (Dark Sauce Dry Noodle)

Date: June 26, 2011

Its time to cook with Kenneth again... If you wanted to cook something nice for your kids and you don't know what to cook, this is a simple dish that you can learn how to cook...  It's easy, and you know it can be very delicious....

This is my version of Kon Loh Mee....



1)  Noodle - can be the Korean Instant Noodle.  But I usually use this organic spinach noodle that I got from the Fireflies Organic Farm.


2)  Sesami Oil 1-2 tea spoon

3)  Light Soya Sauce - a little bit depends on your taste

4)  Oyster Sauce - you can use veggie oyster sauce too.  1-2 tea spoon depends on taste.

5)  Abalone Sauce (optional) - 1-2 tea spoon depends on taste.

6) Green onions - 1 small stalk - depends on taste



A)  Boiled water, put some olive oil and some salt into the boiling water.

B)  Put noodles into boiled water, and cook the noodle for few minutes.  i.e. 3-5 minutes, depends how hard you want the noodle.

C)  Take out the noodles and rinse it with cold water quickly.


D)  Put ingredient #2-#6 in a big plate, and put the noodles on it, and stir the noodle with the sauces.


Then, you start enjoying looking at your kids eating your noodles.  Not a sound from them, quietly finish the noodles quickly.  i.e. the Kon Lor Mee is good.  :)


That's fun!



  1. Nice and simple. Same ingredients I used for Kon Loh Mee but without the Abalone sauce.

  2. Oh I forgot, I usually use garlic too.