Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Last Walk on KTM Railroad in Singapore

Date: July 9, 2011


This is probably the last time you have any chance to walk on a railway.


So, no car park also park illegally.  Sure kena saman later.  (But later, when we get back 2-3 hours later, we are fortunate!)


We parked our car at the Rail Mall.  And this is where we shall start our journey.  Walk towards to Ten Mile Junction.  May be 4-5 KM?


That is the bridge we going to.  And there are already a lot a lot of people here.  I guess all have read the paper today and rush down here.


This is the first time I sat on a train track.  Yipee!


All rocks... not nice to sit...


The other side of the track also have a lot of people...


See mommy, I am a train... running on the train track..


A lot of people mistaken this as year 1861.  But it is not... later I tell you why...


Kay just loves to throw rocks.. hahaha after throwing, he gives you a big smile..


I think this guy damn solid... he must have ride 14KM from Tanjong Pagar until here...


Spotted a beetle on the train track...


This is the reason why I think just now the 1861 is not a year.  It should be the KM marker from may be Thailand, Myanmar, Laos or Vietnam, etc etc.  Because I think we just walked 2KM until here.  And this is 1859.


This butterfly has come to me and land on my hand 3 times.  Lovely.


So, our duty as parent has been completed and approved by Jay Jay.  We have brought him to sit on KTM train, to see the train tracks and now walk on the train track.  So, Jay Jay should be happy.  See, now he know, walking 2KM is no joke... so tired. hahahaha

They will open this whole train track until July 15, 2011.  After that, on July 18, they will start dig out the iron track and return these tracks to Malaysia.  They will keep the Rail Mail until Rifle Range Rd stretch 3KM until month end of July.  After that, there will be no more train tracks.  And what URA going to do here, we don't know yet.  Hope they can develop it to a very nice cycling track.  That will be so cool.  And then, open bicycle rental all along the way.  And people really can cycle to work and park their bicycle and take shower at the Tanjong Pagar there.

So, go and have fun!  Bring your kids!   They will love it!



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  1. There is something very poignant about abandoned railways. I do hope that Singapore takes the opportunity to retain the 'green spine', and not give in to developers. In the UK we lost many railways lines, and even though we might want to bring a few of them back, the opportunity is lost as sections are built up. A motor car free cycle route north south sounds like a great way to keep the space complete, and provide a much needed people friendly route across the island.