Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kay Has Stopped Crying During Hair Cut

Date:  July 31, 2011

Today, we have quite a success story ... It's our monthly family hair cut day.  Again, we went to Kimarie, a hair salon in Suntec City.


As usual, Jay Jay will have his hair cut first, and Kay Kay will sit beside him and watch.  Then, it will be my turn.  This is after we had our lunch.  And Kay Kay had his power nap (1.5 hours).


As usual, when ICE 姐姐 cut the hair, mommy will also pretend cutting Kay Kay hair at the back.


So, when ICE 姐姐 cut Kay's hair, we all were surprise that Kay Kay stay calm, and try very hard to stay still.  Oh ya, the plastic bag he is holding is his reward.  We told Kay only when he cut his hair and don't cry, then, we will reward him that.


As you can see, sometimes is very itchy when the hair drop onto your neck.


Don't forget your gadget, let him watch a video ... distract him a little...


As promise, if you cut your hair without tears and crying... we will let you wear the Angry Bird t-shirts.


OK.  In additional, we let him eat the Ice Cream cone.


So, what is the secret again?

1.  Must sleep, take a power nap before the hair cut.

2.  Must promise to give him a present.  In this case, Angry Bird t-shirt.

3.  Must feed him an ice cream cone (his favorite) before and reward him another one after.

4.  Must sit beside Jay Ko-Ko to watch every single details.

5.  Daddy & Jay Jay must help too.

6.  Must distract him with a movie or cartoon on the iPhone.

What a big success!  And we had a great time cutting hair today!

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