Friday, July 22, 2011

A Good Deed Indeed!

Date:  July 22, 2011

Meanwhile at the Pets Clinic.... There was this lady who just put her cat to sleep was weeping.


My wife asked her...."What's wrong?"

She said "My cat just died."

My wife: "Don't feel sad... "

She said "I didn't treat her well, and she died, and now I don't even have money to cremete her."


My wife, who just learned that 六味地黄丸 has somehow saved Mel Mel (my cat) life.  Ask her "Is there anything I can do?"

Shes shake her head, "The doctor originally wanted to help me cremate her, but then the doctor take back his word..."

My wife, explained "OK.  How about this... I nearly lost my cat, and the vets said my cat can't make it thru today"....

My wife continue... "So, I have arranged some one to come and cremate my cat, but now, it seems that I don't need that anymore, do you want the ashes back?  This service is cheaper than the clinic one, and you gets to collect the ashes back..."

My wife asked passed the money, about $220 to her and gave her the contact...

She thanks gratefully, but she said "but I am afraid I don't have enough money to call too, I only have $0.20 in my prepaid card that is enough for me to do SMS..."...

My wife then said... "OK, don't worry... I will call them, and I will make sure you can take back the ashes..."

My wife picked up her mobile and call the Mobile Pets Cremation Service, and arranged them to come to the clinic, and tell the guy "Please make sure you only collect $220, as she has only $220 with her!".

She thanks again.... very gratefully, and at last a smile on the face...

My wife then learned that she is quite broke, as she is now waiting to sell her HDB, waiting for the money to come in... That is why she does not have a lot of money with her...

My wife smiled and bring Mel Mel home...


I am very proud of her. :)


After my wife told me the story... she said... "Oh ya... My purse has only $20 left."...



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