Sunday, July 10, 2011

KTM Rail Walk @ Silat Walk

Date: July 10, 2011

OK.  My son really obsessed with trains.  So, we brought him to walk on the train track again today.


This time, we parked our car at Blk 26, Silat Walk.  And then walk towards the train track direction.


On your right, there is a path to cross the drain (there are some board placed there) and you will enter the train track just beside the station.


There is a security uncle sitting there to prevent the crowd to enter the train station area, which is now a State Property.


Here we walk again.


When you tired, then, just sit on the track.

OK.  Where is the turn table, let mommy go and ask for the direction.


OK, we drove the car towards Kampung Bahru and turn into the Blair Plain.  And park our car there.


Wow, Singapore government is really quick, there are already dissemble all the train tracks here.  The Hindu Temple also relocated.  And there you see a turn table that turns the train around.

That concludes our walk on the KTM Rail Road.

The rail road will be closed for good after July 13, 2011.  So, if you can go and take a look at the nature!

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