Saturday, July 16, 2011

Preparing Kids for Dentist Appointment

Date:  July 16, 2011

How do you prepare your kids for dental appointment?

This is Jay Jay 3rd yearly dental appointment.  However, we cannot recall how many times that he has visited the dental clinic.  Jay Jay started his first appointment when he was 2 years old.  But before that, he has accompanied his mommy to the dentist appointment for many times.  So, it is very important to introduce dentist concept to your young toddler since young and it is very important to prepare them too.


As for Kay Kay, this will be his first visit.  He was a bit reckless at the beginning, but as soon as he saw me sitting down and have my dental check up, his eyes and mouth open big  big, and sit there and watch.


Of course, we were a bit lucky, as the dentist we go to has almost similar name as me.  So, every time the nurse asked, "whats your name please?", I replied "Kenneth Liew", and the nurse will always give me that dont-kid-with-me look.... hahahaha, and Jay Jay always found it very amusing too... Our family dentist is called "Kenneth Lew". hahaha


Of course, beside that, you also need to be funny to amuse your kids, so that to make the dental clinic a fun place.


So, you got to make sure that the mommy show the children what the dentist was doing, and no matter how painful it is, do not scream in front of your kids, and must always act cool.  You can drop a few drops of tears, but no screaming allowed.


Don't just stand there... bring the kid closer to have a look...


So that they can learn that this is a "routine", and no "pain" involve, and it looks like a fun thing to do... Of course, you also need to explain to the kids where PaPa mouth got a lot of implant, screws, etc etc.  It's all about educations.


If you are fortunate, then, you kid will be like my Jay Jay.  Can do dental checkup, and then clean the teeth.


So, Kay Kay is watching the exact same routine carry out with his brother, Jay Jay.


Also bring him nearer to take a closer look too... See how brave his brother...


So, as this is the first visit, of course we don't dare to let Kay Kay sit there for the check up.  I think wait for him to turn 2 is better.


So, you keep doing this, and build up his memory on the clinic, the dentist, the nurses, and the process and routines.  Then I think after 2-3 times later, you will just let him sit there alone.  Good luck!!



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  1. Yes, preparing your kids for dental check-ups helps to avoid dental stress when they get older. You're tactic is very much effective. Letting your kids see how everything is done would give them courage and will make them trust the dentist. In a way, they would be comfortable with the whole procedure.