Friday, July 22, 2011

Mel Mel Fight For Survive

Date: July 22, 2011

This is the first cat I bought for my wife.  His name is Mel Mel.  It was about 10+ years ago when he came to our home.


Mel Mel is a mix breed of Birman and Tokinese.

mel alone.jpg

Being a mix breed always got a lot of problem with health.  7 Years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney problem, which flooded his lungs with water.  He almost die 7 years ago when he was 3-4 years old.


He is very nice cat.  I like him.  (Better than that si-si Molly, another cat of mine, who is a Ragdoll)

Mel 2.JPG

Usually on average, a cat can survive around 7-10 years.  So, this week, Mel Mel started to have symtoms of major health problem.  His lungs got water again.  So, we have to sent him to the vets for operations to suck out all the water in his lungs.  At the same time treat him, and drip him, etc.


Poor Mel Mel stays in the hospital for several days.  Vets give him a drip.


He has been lying in pets hospital for few days, and all the vets guess he cannot make it today.  So as a last resort, Vets with our agreement, go and find 六味地黄丸, a TCM that normally cures kidneys illness... And surprisingly, he survive... but still very weak today... so, we have to monitor him more... and he is now at home... TCM very TOK KONG ah!!!


Of coruse, he also taken some kidney medicines too..


Poor Mel Mel... I think he suffers a lot...


Mel Mel, please get well soon.  Hope you can make it...


Here are some info about the TCM (in Chinese)

六味地黄丸由熟地黄、山茱萸、山药、泽泻、丹皮、茯苓这六味中药组成。六味地黄丸以滋补肾阴为主;此外,从药方的组成来看,它可以达到三阴同补(补肾阴、补肝阴、补脾阴)的效果.此药三类人群不宜服用:  一是健康人群。虽说这种药可能有保健作用,短时期吃不会有什么副作用,但“是药三分毒”,长期吃的话,很可能出现腹胀、溏便、食欲不振等不良反应。  二是明显是阳虚(包括肾阳虚、脾阳虚)的人。许多因肾阳不足引起的勃起功能障碍患者,还一味地服用六味地黄丸,病症就会“雪上加霜”。他们应该选择治疗肾阳虚的药物,比如金匮肾气丸。  三是肾阴虚但脾胃功能不好的人。六味地黄丸是偏于补阴的药,配方中阴柔的药多一些,吃了后会妨碍消化功能。中老年人一般脾胃功能不强,服用更要谨慎。间断吃,影响不大;长期连续服用的话,就不可取了。

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