Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ribena Plant

Date:  July 9, 2011


Every kids love to drink Ribena.  Do you know what does the Ribena plants & seeds/flower look like?


Here is the full three shot that I took at the farm store just beside Hay's Goat Farm...


They actually sell it in packs...


And when you bring it home, don't forget to take out the seeds inside... and cook it in water... Otherwise, the taste will be bitter...


OK.  Now, the plant is not actually called "Ribena".  Ribena is the brand of the drink.

The plant is called Roselle Plant.  Biology name is Hibiscus Sabdariffa.  Its actually one of the Hibiscus.  In Chinese, you can call it 玫瑰茄, or 洛神花、洛神果、洛神葵、山茄、洛济葵.  Its a health drink.

I remember when I was young, my mom have lots of Roselle Plant in the garden.  And almost every now and then, we drink the red color drink cooked using Roselle plant's fleshy calyces.

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  1. Does it really taste like Ribena? I've never tasted it but am getting pretty curious.The drink sold under the brand Ribena is made from Blackcurrents - Ribes nigrum, hence the name Ribena! I know they use this Hibiscus to make something called Sorrel in the Carribean.

    1. True, Sorrel is a drink made from that Hibiscus plant. I am surprised to see it associated with the drink, Ribena.