Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chek Jawa @ Pulau Ubin

Date:  July 7, 2011

My wife said, you come back on Wednesday.  So, I took the last flight (11:40pm Jetstar) and back home around 1:30am, and then wake up at 5:30am, and prepare, and we are at Changi Point Ferry Terminal.


This is our boys first ever trip to Pulau Ubin.  The boat ride is 15 minutes, and you pay the driver on the boat, and the boat only will roll out when there is 12 person on board.  The fare is S$2.50 per person.  No kids fare.


The sun just rose above the sea level....


After 15 minutes ride, we are here at Pulau Ubin, an Kampong Island very near to Singapore.


It is a very nice feeling when you see this when you arrive... the breeze is cooling and the feel is very kampong indeed...


There are already a few taxis waiting there to ferry you to where ever you want to go, wait there, and ferry you back.  The fare is $4 per person, and it seems that he does not need to wait for a full 10 pax and can start driving...


Obviously, Google's GPS truck has not step foot here... No map at all...


When we arrived at the visitor gate at Chek Jawa... We were greet by a family of wild pigs... and what did I do, I straight away jump back into the car, the pig was huge.. ahhahha The driver said "Relax...".


So, it is an intelligent animal after all, the drivers actually feeding them.  Which he is not suppose to do so, later we found out.  Because these animal should learn how to survive in the wild, not feed them.  According to the tour guide.


Here we are at the Visitor Station... We have to take note of the no collection of seashells, plants and no feeding animal...


Not updated yet, as the tour guides has not arrived... but later the figures were revised to 0.3 for 10am.  So, it is a good day with really low tides...


We shall begin our tour... of Chek Jawa... A natural tour where your kids can learn a few things...


There are two broadwalk you can go, we started with the Mangrove one first...


Good morning Kay Kay...


This is house #1, the Exhibition hall.


OK.  This is the famous durian tree.  But where is the durian?  stay tune.


It is important to bring your kids to get close and get near to the nature.  The earth is dying, and it depends on these kids to help save the world.  so, they need to know what they have missed.  The tour guides some of them cut pay to come to work here with the NParks.


This is the the Nipah Palm, where the seeds produce the Ah-Tap-Chee in your ice kacang.


This sea hisbusicuit , have flower yellow color in the morning, and then ...



Changed to Red color at noon, and then drop on the floor at night... very interesting...


Do you know that all the small fishes will come to these small mangrove roots to seek for shelter?


There, is the the seagrass lagoon beside the sand bar.  That is where we going... at the edge of the board walk...


Here we go with the education session...


Take a look at this yummy sea cucumber...


Since the sand bar is the only place where they allow visitors to set foot on, so, the NPark guys go find all the species and creatures and gather them in this way and place it on the sand bar for us to touch, to learn and to feel... Here are the sea stars ... or star fish... (corrected by Jasmine)


Jay get the chance to hold the star fish in his hand...


You can hold the small one, the big one, the odd size one...


Oysters... yummy.. so big...


Here we completed our tour, and walk back to House #1.


A very nice view from House #1.


Later, with his super eye, Jay Jay picked up a durian, and it is ours!  hahaha you can pick any durian on the road, and its yours.


We are back to ubin small kampong.


And have some durian there... Its S$5 per KG.  The durian on Ubin, is very yummy, got sweet, got bitter, and the texture is a bit like Nanga, but it is very tasty.  Now is the mid season.


The coconut is from Thailand, very cooling...


Everybody enjoys the durian... That's Yusnida and Lye Ping.


Look at those tasty durian...


No wonder my wife cannot keep his mouth not smiling.. hahaha


So, it was a great trip.  and we had the famous nasi lemak, store #57.


And on our way home, airplane is all over our head...








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