Thursday, August 25, 2011

Should I Teach Him How to Climb?

Date:  Aug 25, 2011


This is going to be tough!  Do I allow my kids to climb or how do I teach the kids not to climb?  Kay Kay saw his brother Jay climbing up and down, he also tries to follow.  So, *blink* *blink* suddenly, he has climbed up the first step.

And he seems to be in trouble.  So, do I help or not?

1.  Let him climb on his own without aid.  Kids has to learn how to climb, and how to fall.  When they fall, they will need to know and learn how to pick themselves up again!


2. When he managed to climb himself and don't know how to get down, just like in the photo, Kay Kay start to worry and cry.  Let him cry for a while, don't help him, and sent the message clearly to him.  Tell him, sometimes is dangerous to climb up as you may not know how to come down.

If you see him cry and immediately provide your helping hand, the kids will have different message, as there is always help behind me.  So, let's climb one more step to see what is behind.  This thoughts are a bit dangerous as he will have more courage to climb up to fill his curiousity.  Especially if you stay in a high rise HDB or Condo without installing the window guards.


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