Monday, August 29, 2011

A Simple Anniversary

Date:  Aug 29, 2011

Today is our 13th years aniversary.  We had a 推拿 (Tui Na) in the morning.  And then we shopped at Funan.

That is how we end up at Cafe De Amigo.  I remember, this is the restaruant used to be at the Orchard Road Little John's building.  Now there are here, and they are moving in November to other places, as the rental has rose to S$24 psf @ Funan.  So, let's ordered a Chargrilled Wagyu Beef Ribeye.


Since this restaurant also sell wines, the wines must be good.  Actually, it is quite expensive, and I think their markup margin is very high.  So, we ordered a Burgandy red wine, and also some Escargots.  The Escargots are nice.  The red wine is a bit too acidic, and alcohol is 14.5%.  Not so smooth at first, needed to be breathed.


The Yellow Fin Tuna is quite nice.  Not too bad.


The wine is 2008.  And it rather young, but it seems like quite old.  This is the back label.


Normally, the French onion soup should be clear.  But this Onion soup is really nice.  And it icomes in a Chinese Clay Pot.  And best of all, they have White Pepper and it taste really nice with the white pepper.  We both like it.


The Wagyu Ribeye is a bit dissappinted.  A bit chewy, and too salty.


The desserts is OK.  I like the Apple Pie with Ice Cream.  Very thin layer of pie istead of thick taste.


Overall, the lunch is quite all right.  I have to have the lunch celebrations instead of dinner as I got my usually Wine Class during the evening.

Happy Anniversary!



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