Monday, August 29, 2011

Printing Photos From The Air

Date: Aug 29, 2011

This year, the anniversary theme is IT.  We visited IT mall, have our lunch at IT mall, and buy a lot of things from the IT mall - Funan.  Not for me, for for her.  The main items I like the most is this.


This E-print Printer from HP is said to be able to print from iPhone, iPad via Air Play.


Oh, look at that.  Out from the box, there is a carrying bag.  Interesting.  The printer is just inside.


Why can't HP make it smaller?  It's still very bulky.  But the price is not too bad.  S$199.


There... ePrint wireless.  And guess what?  There is NO NETWORK PORT.  OK.  You created a bulky printer, and the printer is suppose to be placed beside your laptop or PC.  So, its not going to move anywhere.  So, why is it has no Network port?  Curious.


Another smaller bags inside the big carrying bag.


Oh... Its great for carrying computer accessories.


So, I calculated.  The cattridges, each of them can print 750 pages.  Cost about $30.  So, it is about 4 cents per page x 3 colors.  About 12 cents.  And the paper... wow... Cost about $8.50 for 20 pages.  So, that will cost about 42 cents per page.  So, all in all, each 4R photo prints using this printer is 54 cents.  WOW.  That is not cheap!  OK.

I just googled... There are forum that talks about this, and cost only like as cheap as 25 cents per 4R print.  OUCH!

Although the printer is not mine, I paid for it though.  I still believe, someday Apple will come out with a iPrinter.  hahaha

OK. What is the verdict?

Price Economy:  54 cents a 4R print.  That is quite expensive, in my opinion.  But it is convenient though.  Print at home, no need to wait at the store/shop.  etc.

Print Quality:  The quality of the prints is not as what I expected to be.  But is acceptable.


Air Print:  It works.  Now I can just reach home, and select the photos from my iPhone, and then sent it to printer.  Good job.


Overall... I am glad, my home now has a color printer to print photos.  My mini portable canon printer is out of service for quite a long time.  It's time to enjoy those keep your photos moment, again.

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