Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cheap and Good Food at Brinchang

Date: Aug 11, 2011
Tag: Visit Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, Kids Holiday

If you stay in Brinchang Cameron Highlands, there are these two good place to eat. I found the food is nice and cheap.

This Wai Yat Restaurant serve very good steamboat.

And guess what is under the table.

They still use gas tank.

We ordered a four person portion, and felt it is a bit too much...

And the veggies are big fat and fresh. This is called 鸳鸯菜.

See, front is green, and back is purple. Quite tasty.

Look, this is 田七. Also very nice. This is the first time I tried this, suppose to give good boost to blood circulations.

The food is nice.

The other restaurant that is nice is this Yeong Wah.

You must try the yam braised pork.

The Patin fish is fresh and nicely done.

The soup is good too!

And lastly, the 龙须菜. Crunchy.

It's is from this veggie...

So, for both restaurant, we spent about RM60-70 for 4 adults and 2 kids, and we also order drinks and some noodles too. Worth the money.

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