Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Kay Kay!! @ Lorna Whiston Pre-School

Date:  Aug 18, 2011

Kay was borned on Aug 21, 2009.  Yet, the celebration started today.


So, mommy order a cake for Kay Kay.  If you remember, the daddy has spent a couple of days trying to find some Mickey Mouse figurings.


It will be Kay Kay's first birthday party in School.  When we deliver the cake to the school, he is just about to wear his shoe to go to the lunching area and the afternoon class area.  Yeap!  Kay Kay is in full day pre-school @ Lorna Whiston.


The kids are taking turns to wash their hands.


Kay Kay is looking at his cake with his friend.


Then, more friends sit down and all looking at the Mickey Mouse cake!


Just steping out from his K1 class, Jay Jay also come and join in the fun!


Lao Shi, this is Mickey Mouse!!!


Yeah, cutting the first piece out.


I love the mushmellows...


Distributing the cakes...


I love the rainbow...


Everybody has one.


Jay Jay requested for a DOOR.  He wants to eat the door.


Kay Kay just non-stop eating...


No Kay Kay, you cannot eat the balloon.


Yes dear, I know it is delicious.

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 3.16.08 PM.png

Thanks Cheryl Shuen for making this beautiful and fantastic cake!

Just yesterday, one of my freind heard that I will be on leave to my boy's birthday party @ School...  she said "Got such things?" So I told her, "Yeap... its fun, you go and have a kid too then you know the fun!"

Then, earlier in the same afternoon, another friend, during lunch, was telling me that his daughter now is 13 years old and no longer wanted to go with the parents.  But I know this friend travels a lot, that is why it is important to spent as much time with your kids at home, at school at events, so hope that they can always remembers the wonderful childhood that the parents has designed and gave to them.

Happy Birthday again Kay Kay!!

May be 11 years later Kay Kay saw the blog, and hope he will be touched and still go out with PaPa and MaMa.  LOL (Lots of Love).

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