Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unfolding the Butterflies

Date: Aug 11, 2011
Tag: Visit Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, Kids Holiday

I have visited so many butterfly Parks before, and never have such blown your mind off experience. Of course, it depends a lot on your luck too.

This is the place. From outside, it looks like every other butterfly farm.

And the tickets are not impressive at all. RM5 for adults and RM2 for kids.

Hey! Look! What is that guy doing there? I am not talking about this pretty butterfly.

Huh? A new shipment of butterflies? And all of them comes folded in a paper bag folded in a triangular shape.

Let's unfold the paper bag.

Oh, it's a butterfly in it.

As soon as you unfold the butterfly, it flaps it's wings, and trying to learn how to fly...

This is amazing...

Does this blow your mind off? When you see so many butterflies. Kind of creepy, but it's fun when you see the man unfolding the butterflies, one by one. So this is how they resupply the butterflies.

So many butterflies.... So beautiful...

Jay Jay even picked up a butterfly from the leaf. So brave.

He is so proud of himself.

There are so many species...

Yellow one...

Blue one...

Even Kay Kay wanted to take some photo with the camera.

I like this orange one... Sitting on a red flower...

It's amazing, Kay said.

It's all over me head... Duck....

More butterflies...

This butterfly farm is done pretty impressive. They also have a huge collections of strange insects and snakes.

I think this RM5 is worth all the money!

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