Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jay's First Movie @ Cinema

Date:  Aug 27, 2011

Today is the first time that Jay Jay has step his foot into a Cinema @ Vivocity.  And we are going to watch "Cars 2".


He is very excited about this ... as this is his first time.  This is my ticket!


Let's do a height check!  Do you need a ticket?  Of course!


Look, the promotion booth for Cars 2.  Nice..


By the way, there are some booster seats for the kids too.  I also bring one to the theather just in case.  But Jay does not need it, as no one is blocking him in front.


OK.  It is quite an entertaining show.  But however, I don't think if Jay understands all of it or not.  Such as... "What is a spy?"  "What is a British Agent?"  "What is a Queen?"  ....

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