Thursday, August 25, 2011

Malaysia Boleh! - Buy This Toy...

Date: Aug 25, 2011

Usually I don't remember what is the exchange rate of SGD to MYR (Ringgit).

I Am surprise to see that it is S$1 to RM2.46. That is high! That means buying power!

Usually this is selling around $5.50 in Singapore, but I picked this up from the Airport at the price of RM10.90 which is S$4.43, that is more than S$1 savings! BUY!!

Do you remember the ASUS Black Diamond that I am very proud of? I bought it at S$220 from Sim Lim, and found that a small small in IMM selling S$209. But yesterday at Loyat IT mall, I got it at RM459, which is S$189. Wow! This is more than S$30 savings we are taking about!


And the later I soon find out all Apple products are seems to be cheaper... Most of the IT products are cheaper!


Buy buy buy!

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