Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Fun Day @ Sentosa

Date:  Aug 30, 2011

Today is Hari Raya.  "Selamat Hari Raya" to all my Muslim friends.


Yesterday, due to some mis-communications, both me and my wife did not show up in Jay's Speech & Drama club.  And in order to make up to him, we promise to bring him to Sentosa.  As you know, he loves to sit in the Sentosa Monorail.  Especially the green one.

Screen Shot 2011-08-30 at 10.35.04 PM.png

The boys always likes and facinated by the changing tracks when the train approaches.


It's been a long time since our last visit to Sentosa, I meant the Sentosa Island minus the IR, aka Universal Studio & Casino.  The first thing that makes our jaw drop is the amazing visitors visiting Sentosa.  This photo is taken during our way out from Sentosa.  It is so amazing to see Sentosa has so many visitors.  May be it is Hari Raya?  Or is it really every day they have such many visitors?


Our first stop is to visit this huge building suddenly just appeared opposite the last monorail station.  i.e. iFly.  It is a Skydives simulations.  Cost about $85 for 3 minutes (2x skydives).  It looks fun.  And it is the latest attractions on the Sentosa Island itself.


The kids are still too young for it.  But you can go up to the viewing Galery, and watch these people doing the skydives.


Then, we walked about 10 minutes towards the Siloso Beach direction, and we reached the Wave House.


Hawaii Five-O.  Two brothers.  In front of the Wave House.


It is a place where artificial waves can be created and people can surf on these waves.  Just like those surfers from Hawaii Five-O.  It is kind of fun to watch people actually surf in Singapore!  This is the second latest highlights in Sentosa.


After this, we walk back to the Dragon Walk.


On the way we took some photos at the Luge there.


At the Dragon Walk, you can follow the water, and capture those amazing jumping water shots.  Like this one.


Kay Kay also enjoys seeing these water flying around...


The Dragon Walk is actually quite long.  There are plenty of things you can ask your kids to pose.


It is a great time to spent time with the kids, and take very good photos for memories.  Here is where Jay Jay climbing some steel rods and branches.


Jay Jay & His Copy Cat!


the kids are enjoying.


Next stop is the huge Merlion.


Then, we came to the Sentosa statue.  Kids simply love to take pictures with them.


See Jay Jay is inside the Sentosa word.


Jay Jay just took photos with every single alphabet.


Copy cat will do the same.  By the time we reach here, our Kay Kay is already very tired.  As you can see from his eyes.


Don't forget to stop by this place to take photo with the birds.  But beware, they only allow you to take photos with the birtds this way.  Not holding the birds on your hand.  That, will need to use their camera.


And BEWARE, once you took the photos, you cannot resist to buy.  I paid $50 for the following photos and another souvenir photo.  Jay Jay loves this photos so much.  The camera man purposely turn the bird upside down for Jay to take this photo.


We had a wonderful outings at Sentosa today.  We see iSky, WaveHouse, Dragon Walk, and take cool photos with the birds and Sentosa landmarks.  I think the kids are very happy, and they are tired too.  But soon, you will find out, our day did not end there, it continue until 9:30pm then, we reach home.  It is almost 13 hours we spent outing today!

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