Thursday, August 25, 2011

Planning for Mid Autumn Festival

Date:  Aug 25, 2011

Blink Blink your eyes, and soon, mid-Authmn Festival, or we call it a Latern Festival, is going to come very soon.


Jay Jay & Kay Kay's pre-school, as usual will arrange a Latern walk at night time in school.  Basically, all the teachers and children and their parents will carry all sort of laterns and walk a round on Winchester road.  A nice 1KM walk....

Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 9.38.52 PM.png

So, this year, we got to have a theme for that day.  And thanks to Wei Shiun, I went to Vivo city to buy these laterns.


YES!  Our theme this year, is going to be Angry Birds.


All of us will wear angry birds t-shirts.


Wait now... who is carrying the pig?  (I think unanimously we voted mommy to be the pig!!!)


OK.  Just in case, I prepared a backup lantern for Kay Kay, since lately, he was so fond of Mickey Mouse.


May I present the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Lantern... hahaha

As a parent, you sometimes need to plan all these ahead so that the kids has something to look forward too.  Regardless of how busy you all, a festival is still a festival and our kids should enjoy celebratings these festivals.  Have fun!

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