Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Are 4-5 Years Old Kids Learn from the Pre-School nowadays?

Date:  Aug 6, 2011

OK.  This is too much for a 4-5 years old.  I don't recall I learned all these when I am 4-5 years old.  I am not even in kindergarden back then.  hahahahaha  But I guess, it is just introductory of the concept, and the teachers wont be so serious making kids to learn these, right?


I have not been reding the communications book for some time, and this is what I found out for a K1 class.

Learning Chinese, I like.


English grammer.  Near Far concept.  This and That.  OK.


Phonics, no problem.  Learn the correct pronounciations. OK.


Learning past tense already?  That young?  WOW.  But they can't even spell anything yet or read?  Interesting.


Wow... Multiplication.  I think this is the first step.  They still use fingers to count addition, and now, multiply?


And Division,  one half half.  WOW.  Are you sure Jay Jay know all these Multiplication and Division?


HaHa,... I am lucky that I don't live in this timeline.  As for Jay Jay and Kay Kay, that is their time, their life.  Let's see how they take it.  hahaha



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